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    The Death of Jogo Bonito

    by  • July 14, 2014 • Featured, Futbol, Quinn Smith, Soccer • 2 Comments


    When I moved to rural Brazil for three months, carrying little more than two old duffel bags and some noble ideas, there were two things that I wanted to learn: Portuguese and jogo bonito—the Brazilian style of soccer. The first came after a solid month of silence, just listening while I figured out who...

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    Go! Los Catrachos!

    by  • June 20, 2014 • Featured, Futbol, Justin Robertson, Soccer • 0 Comments


    I’m cheering for Honduras. Yes, it’s the same Honduras that has the mantle of the highest murder rate in the world according to the United Nations. It’s also the same country where tourists get kidnapped from small 25-seater buses or from their hotels. This year it was reported that Honduras still has the world’s highest murder rate: in 2013 it suffered 19 murders...

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    The Great Gottfried

    by  • March 7, 2014 • Featured, Ian Orti, Tennis • 0 Comments


    Did a gay German tennis star throw the most prestigious tournament of his time just to spite Hitler? If all the world’s a stage then the cast of the great international pre-war epic, The Greatest Tennis Match in History, might feel too star-studded to believe it all actually happened. The show would feature, in...

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    by  • February 6, 2014 • Justin Robertson, Other Sports • 0 Comments


    Maybe for any other team, a fourth-placed finish in a dodgeball tournament would be fair, considering most think it’s a not-so-serious hobby sport you played in high school. But not for POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER! It didn’t sit right for the competitive dodgeball team. After losing the semi finals during the 2013 World...

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    Does the Biggest Fight in Canadian History Matter?

    by  • January 16, 2014 • Boxing, Zachary Alapi • 1 Comment


    I knew Canadian boxing had risen to an unrivalled level—at least in my lifetime of sports fandom—when Lucian Bute made the second defence of his IBF super middleweight title against rugged Mexican contender Librado Andrade on October 24, 2008. Ever since he represented Romania at three World Amateur Boxing Championships (winning bronze in 1999),...

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    The Round Bus with Marty Sartini Garner: December 6th, 2013

    by  • December 6, 2013 • Dave Jaffer, Football, Hockey, Ian Orti, Marty Sartini Garner, Mike Spry, Olympics, Politics, The Round Bus • 0 Comments

    The Round Bus

    “Sport has the power to change the world…it has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does. It speaks to youth in a language they understand. Sport can create hope where once there was only despair. It is more powerful than government in breaking...

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    The Round Bus with Justin Robertson: November 22nd, 2013

    by  • November 22, 2013 • Basketball, Dave Jaffer, Football, Futbol, Hockey, Ian Orti, Justin Robertson, Mike Spry, Politics, Soccer, The Round Bus • 0 Comments

    The Round Bus

    As a frequent reader of The Barnstormer, you may have noticed our behaviour has been erratic of late. For example, sometimes a Round Bus goes up a wee bit late, ahem. But fear not dear Barn-folk. Everything is just fine. We’re working on a reboot for the new year, an aesthetic overhaul, a new...

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    The Round Bus with Bryan Acker: September 27, 2013

    by  • September 27, 2013 • Baseball, Bryan Acker, CanLit, Dave Jaffer, Football, Futbol, Hockey, Ian Orti, Mike Spry, Soccer • 0 Comments

    The Round Bus

    For the first time in my social media life, I believe I saw a man killed on Twitter this week. David Gilmour dominated the litersphere and twittersphere, and for good reason. But more on that later… In CanLit news that matters to us, the Barn would like to extend a hearty congrats to Barn...

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    The Round Bus with Sean Cranbury: September 20, 2013

    by  • September 20, 2013 • Avi Goldberg, Boxing, Dave Jaffer, Football, Hockey, Mike Spry, Politics, Tennis, The Round Bus • 0 Comments

    The Round Bus

    Ian Orti is not on the Bus today. The last we heard from Orti was Tuesday evening, Eastern Standard Time, in a text message sent to Barn HQ that read simply, “Currywurst sold for Barcelona. EPL. EPL. The wine is €6.50. Bowel obstruction. PK to the Leafs in 2014. Doug Gilmour en route. Newcastle,...

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