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    Stan Smith

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    Dublin, 1971      MARY QUINN IS ABOUT TO WIN the national varsity women’s title. Again. She is a dominant woman on the court with dominant thighs. She has a penetrating forehand and an incredible short game. The tennis world is decades from the first graphite composite racket and  therefore in the height of...

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    Black Shorts, White Legs

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    IT’S HOT LIKE A MOUTH and I’m in from out of town to see my sister. Correction. I’m home to see my sister. The weather is right and we’re perfectly guilty from indulging in last night’s barbeque – a night that saw the birth of the bacon wrapped marshmallow – so we load the...

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    Blood, Sweat, and Years

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    perry 36 wimbeldon

    How Hitler, Hollywood, sweatbands, popped collars and liquid robots star in one of sport’s greatest grail quests.         IN 1934, SHORTLY AFTER ADOLF HITLER’s rise to power, German tennis star Gottfried Alexander Maximilian Walter Kurt Freiherr von Cramm, or simply, Gottfried von Cramm, won the French Open. Von Cramm, for Hitler, was...

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