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    We publish essays, memoirs, predictions, lamentations, interviews, profiles, book reviews, poems, short stories and novel excerpts about sports, and our definition of “sports” is plastic. We believe that our writers have a mandate to cover all sports, however they define the term, and not just the big four (or five) pro games, or major college athletics. Minor hockey, minor league baseball, childrens’ soccer, weekly beer leagues, those surfing lessons you took in Cabo — any athletic endeavour that can be explored in an engaging fashion through good writing is fair game for our writers.

    The only caveat: you must provide your own artwork.

    Send submissions (with word count, brief bio and a scan of your original, wholly owned artwork) and queries to editors@thebarnstormer.com.

    We regret that, at this time, we are unable to compensate contributors, though it is our sincere hope that this should prove a temporary state of affairs.