• So Long, Jacoby Ellsbury

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    We were Deep Bushwick and you were Uptown
    in a group of lunch-pail, hard-hat, slug-it-out beardos.
    Yours was always a little too well-trimmed.
    If we’re honest about it for a moment,
    it really didn’t fool anyone.

    To see you go the way of Boggs and Clemens, Damon and Ruth,
    down yesterday’s Canyon of Heroes, would bring a soggy tear to our eye,
    were it not for the prospect of watching a centerfielder with leaky knees
    turn full-time DH by age 33.

    Those two rings not withstanding, ours was a marriage run its course.
    So, enjoy the Bronx, and your Matinee Idol teammates
    huddling under the awning to catch
    the last of a bitter twilight.

    What about us? Oh jilted lovers, again?
    You’ll see us next year in the bleachers,
    watching the colors change,
    and remembering the words of the dark whisperer
    who has reminded us that in spite of everything
    we’re still only rooting for the laundry.

    David Tanklefsky


    David Tanklefsky is a radio broadcaster, musician, freelance writer and former minor league play-by-play man. His writing on the media has appeared in Broadcasting & Cable, Multichannel News and TV Guide. His online work has been featured in Thought Catalog and the Batter Chatter baseball blog. He lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts. Follow him on Twitter @davidtanklefsky.


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