• The Round Bus with Ann Ward: October 11, 2013

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    The Round BusThere’ is no better time of year. Unseasonable warmth. Playoff baseball. NFL and NHL underway. Pumpkin pies abound. Let’s rename it Rawktober, and be done with it.

    Our guest this week is Ann Ward. Ann is a writer and editor, as well as Program Director for Summer Literary Seminars. She co-founded Montreal chapbook press WithWords in 2006 and now edits and freelances for several literary magazines. You can find her most recent writing in Stroboscope and Contemporary Verse 2.

    If you’re in Montreal tonight, you can catch Ann and Barn Ed. Mike Spry reading as part of the first SLS Reading Series at Drawn and Quarterly. Joining them will be SLS Founding Director Mikhail Iossel, the author of Every Hunter Wants to Know, a collection of stories (W.W.Norton), and co-editor (with Jeff Parker) of Amerika (Dalkey Archive) and Rasskazy (Tin House/Bloomsbury), anthologies of contemporary Russian writing. Also reading will be special guest Josip Novakovich, a finalist for the Man Booker International prize and the award-winning novelist, essayist, and short story writer. Details on the reading may be found here.

    Ann is joined on the Bus by Dave Jaffer, Ian Orti, and Spry. Let’s get at it…

    Stephen Harper says hockey’s leadership isn’t working hard enough at tempering the sport’s violence.

    Ward — Is this a plug for Stephen Harper’s new hockey book? The one that’s “told with a fan’s passion by Stephen J. Harper”? About the Leafs? He just commented because he had to give a little heads up to the Canadian public that all this time we thought he was in office and signing our land over to China, he’s really been at the milliner designing his “hockey historian” hat. Do you know where he said those comments from, guys? A beach-front hotel in fucking Bali. I have so much distaste for this tilapia-faced mofo that I can’t comment on the violence issue right now. Also I think I’ve nearly hit my rhetorical question quota. Meanwhile, pre-order his book on Amazon today! In stores November 5th.

    Spry — Bali? WTF?

    I still can’t believe he’s Prime Minister. It feels like it has been decades. It’s all Paul Martin’s fault.

    Although, frighteningly, I agree with Harper. In this one instance, and one instance only.

    Jaffer — Hockey’s leadership: “At least we come to work, because it’s not like we can prorogue the sea— oh. Wait…”

    Orti — So, what is that a potshot at Gary Bettman? If hockey in Canada is Jesus, then Gary is King Herod, which makes Steven Harper [sic] the mayor of Jericho or something. What does working hard enough mean? And since when does a Prime Minister’s two cents mean anything about how a sports organization is run. Sorry for siding with the league on this one guys, I just have a hard time taking anything Steven Harper [sic] says with even a whiff of salt.

    Spry — I can’t figure out if Orti misspells Harper’s first name out of spite, creative protesting, or ignorance.

    Jaffer — Can’t it be all three?

    Next: League of Denial…

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